One of the major focuses in the FIRST FTC program is the engineering notebook.  In spirit of FIRST and our own Transaparency initiative, we present our notebooks live at all times to the general public.  This is far from perfect but we have worked hard the past season and again this season to move to an electronic format that works for the team while adhering to the standards put forth by FIRST concerning the engineering notebooks.  As always, we encourage feedback on how we are doing!

-Team NRG 

Today we met to readress our fundraising ideas, and to begin ideas on our "roll call" video. A few other people had other specific projects.


In attendance:









This meeting we, due to a lack of the previous years plans and focus, did not proceed with the plans layed out in the previous meeting. Instead we put togeather our plans for the next meeting. By next meeting all members will bring in a written proposal for a realistic fundraising plan. The objective is to start fundraising immediatly next week. We also layed out that our objectives in the short and long term were to compete in a scrimage this April, do an elementary science fair by the end of the month and attend the maker fair. We also discussed putting togeather our robot in the first two weeks of our build season. 

This meeting we put togeather supplies for our sojourn to the New Hartford Elementary School Science Fair. We are going to use this outreach opportunity to introduce our program too the people who are going to be going into middle school. This will help us spread the message of First to more then just the kids in our middleschool and highschool. 

In attendence: Jake, Syd, Aiden, Alex, Istvan, Leif, Jaiden